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Записи с темой: songs of empty lungs (список заголовков)

pray to God.

@музыка: Calvin Harris feat. Haim - Pray to God

@темы: estetic feels, songs of empty lungs, аниме, видео


and the waltz goes on.

В тему печальных новостей. Терри Пратчетт умер. Я узнал об этом сразу же, как только проснулся. Я до сих пор надеюсь, что я сплю. Мне давно уже так плохо не было. Маэстро, надеюсь, там вам лучше.
Господи, давно так не рыдал по смерти кого-то.
Так что пусть это побудет тут, чтобы хоть как-то скрасить эту печальную новость. Но у меня всё равно траур.

@темы: видео, songs of empty lungs, estetic feels


just tell me what to change just tell me what to say, 'cause I can't feel it anymore.

full size || by fonbless

But why are we so incomplete?

@настроение: just tell me what is right. 'Cause it's more than what's inside... 'Cause I can't see it anymore.

@темы: songs of empty lungs, estetic feels, Metal Gear



Fight or die with truth and honour.

This is the final showdown
This is the last horizon
No second chance for losing
There will be no tomorrow.

Tear the heart from your aggressor.

This is the final showdown
With no more road to go down
Prevail or pay the devil
This is the end forever.

@темы: Evangelion, songs of empty lungs


the curse of sad mummy.


chase the morning.

@настроение: a sheltered rose needs a little room to bloom outside her bedroom.

@темы: songs of empty lungs, estetic feels, видео, фильмы


let the monster rise.

@настроение: have I failed my daughter? Then let the father die. And let the monster rise.

@темы: фильмы, видео, songs of empty lungs, estetic feels


Black Jena.

Many shades of rose
Have fled the nest
Behind a vast amass

They were stupid, blind,
Not even our kind.
A Guest and a Loss and a Ghost
A Villain thanks the most.

Better an end with fear
Than a fear without end
A Guest and a Loss and a Ghost
A Villain thanks the most.

@настроение: here in Black Jena.

@темы: ФотоЖоп, songs of empty lungs, Metal Gear


after all I just have nothing left to lose.

Среди асфальтовых морей,
Люминесценции огней
Я видел смерть, мечтал о ней.
И я плыву куда-то вдаль,
Меня ведёт её печаль,
Мне ничего уже не жаль!

Ведь мне
Всего лишь больше нечего терять:
Моя мечта ушла
Куда-то за гремящие моря,
И не достать...

@настроение: I saw death, I dreamed about it.

@темы: Metal Gear, songs of empty lungs, ФотоЖоп


I'm going blind, but one thing's clear, Death is the only salvation you'll feel.

"The pack, the basic unit of wolf social life, is usually a family group. It is made up of animals related
to each other by blood and family ties of affection and mutual aid".

"Brick by brick by brick
These walls begin to cave in
The house of wolves you built
Whispers in a thousand tongues”.

@музыка: Bring Me The Horizon - The House Of Wolves

@настроение: the bitter taste, there's nothing else, I'll bow for your king when he shows himself.

@темы: Metal Gear, songs of empty lungs, ФотоЖоп


"Pain and beauty. They are like parent and child".

"Quiet sake of quiet melody,
To slowly wake up again
From a chemical stupor
New betrayal, disfigured again".

@музыка: Gefradah - Cancertid

@настроение: but they have no sense. Is this reality or in my mind raped?

@темы: Bioshock, Tumblr, клипмейкерское, songs of empty lungs




shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple the heart and devour the soul.

@музыка: The Used - The Bird And The Worm

@настроение: all alone he turns to stone while holding his breath half to death, terrified of whats inside to save his life he crawls like a worm from a bird.

@темы: estetic feels, видео, игры, songs of empty lungs


time to make my exit from this fairytale.

@музыка: CircusP - Insanity (Frost Mix)

@настроение: this madness is causing terror of my own.

@темы: Bioshock, estetic feels, видео, songs of empty lungs



@музыка: Dread Engine - Reflections

@настроение: now I am surrounded by an enemy.

@темы: estetic feels, видео, игры, songs of empty lungs


I see the wires pulling while you're breathing.

@музыка: The Neighbourhood - Wires

@настроение: all that he invested in, goes straight to hell.

@темы: Bioshock, Uncharted, estetic feels, видео, игры, songs of empty lungs


into the labyrinth.

@музыка: Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth

@темы: estetic feels, аниме, видео, songs of empty lungs


this is Outer Heaven.

@музыка: Ninja Tracks - Passages

@настроение: you enjoy all the killing, that's why.

@темы: Metal Gear, estetic feels, видео, songs of empty lungs


dry your smoke-stung eyes, so you can see the light.

@музыка: Daughter - Shallows

@настроение: Come out, come out, to the sea my love... And just drown with me.

@темы: Bioshock, estetic feels, видео, songs of empty lungs


не ищи меня потом и не обивай порога.Я вернусь другой дорогой и найду свой старый дом

29.08.2014 в 16:29
Пишет Atlas Shrugged:

alas, he is a human
— Break His Heart To Save Him

  • So, you've got someone you deeply care about, and who cares just as much about you. However, you know the two of you cannot stay together: being near you, or just the fact that he loves you is putting him at risk. You tried warning him, but it didn't work — he knows he'll be in danger, and he's okay with that. But you're not.
  • It's likely to backfire spectacularly when the pain of the breakup just drives the other person to do exactly the thing you needed them not to do.
  • Unsurprisingly, while it usually works temporarily, in many cases, it doesn't hold up for very long.

URL записи

@музыка: Зимовье Зверей - Самолёт

@настроение: и не верь мне, что улетаю на годы. Не успеет земля обернуться вокруг, через льды, тополя, через тысячи вьюг, по дорогам пыля, оставляя круги, я вернусь, но другим.

@темы: перепосты, ФотоЖоп, he sent us to hell, but we are already from there., Metal Gear, songs of empty lungs